Holiday paradise at the heart of a fabulous mountain landscape

Klosters is different. Klosters is relaxed and sporty, stylish and humble, international and a good amount of Swissness. While always being discreet to guarantee our royal and otherwise famous guests peace and recovery. Are we in over our heads? Never! Klosters became a popular and famous summer- and winter holiday resort over the decades because of its healthy dose of understatement and family-friendliness.

Our guests appreciate shopping in the small but fine shops with a sense of style and personal consultation. Instead of flagship-stores, we have flagship-mountains, which we generously share with the nearby town of Davos. While we’re on the topic of Davos: just a quarter of an hour and a couple of meters uphill from here, but a whole different, fashionable and alpine world. That we are, despite our apparent differences, working together without any problems, is also to your benefit. For example when it comes to the guest programs and cable cars.

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Kulturschuppen Klosters

As our hotel guest you have a definite and, most of all, a cultural advantage:
You will be able to participate in all the events held in the „Kulturschuppen Klosters“, opposite the hotel, FOR FREE. Reserve yourself a ticket at least a day in advance (we have a limited number available). Our reception team will gladly inform you about the current program. You will also receive further information on the notice board, located directly in front of the Kulturschuppen. We wish you lots of fun in the cinema, at the concert or in the theater.

From one overnight stay

Davos Klosters Premium Card

Reduced cable car tickets and more

During the summer, guests will receive the Davos Klosters Card from one overnight stay on.

With this guest card, you will be able to use public transport within the destination. In addition, you will benefit from further free and discounted services and leisure offers.

Events and occasions

in and around Klosters

Guest program and events

For informations to all the events, click here.

Furthermore, with the Arena, there’s a multifunctional sport- and event centre provided for your pleasure in the heart of Klosters. You will receive further informations, also to the events, click here.